Where everything began

An opportunity to design a brand identity for Albatesso choir was a defining moment.
And not only for Patryk, our Lead Designer but also for us.

It was the beginning of our neverending journey through the troubled waters of the fast-changing market.

The design process

We began with a logo. Before Albatesso appeared, we were living and designing with a particular conviction in mind: it’s necessary to create many propositions and then to choose one out of them.

How wrong were we!

The logo

Its symbolism isn’t unique at all. It’s a stave with musical notes marked on it, depending on their level and arrangement.

There are four notes, and they aren’t random: alto, bass, tenor, soprano. And as you probably already noticed, the choir’s name – Albatesso – is made out of them.

The typography

Everything was spiced up with minimal, even ascetic, approach to the typography. The only thing I based on was clean typography with high margins on both sides, inspired by Gutenberg books.

The drawings

Looking for something that will be a complement to the logo, colours, and typography, we decided to use hand-made drawings. Simple, realistic drawings.​