BeneDeo Foundation



That project could happen because a few previous clients recommended our services to the Benedeo Foundation, and sometime later the Project Manager contacted us to set up a Skype call.

During that conversation, she told us that the branding is for a Catholic organisation that wants to promote Catholicism in better dimension, a dimension that breaks stereotypes.

They wanted to show that Catholics also can be modern, and they can use mobile applications to seek real help regarding their everyday life.

We were quite shocked that someone could come up with such an awesome idea.


There were a few options. We started with the first one: let’s create a logo that bases on the Benedeo’s name – on a letter B, a digit 3, or maybe on a golden colour.

And that’s when we decided to create a black and gold scheme because we knew that they like that style, that’s what they prefer.

We prepared two propositions. The first one that we liked less was presented shortly, without giving many details. The second one, on the contrary, was described precisely, and its benefits and possibilities were pointed out clearly.

And what turns out? They chose the second one, the project that is based on a triangle and three beams of light that go through it.

Together they create a symbol – maybe it’s a dove or a prism, that splits the light into three parts. A golden colour was supposed to accentuate everything.



What’s more, we also created a simple colour palette, which - as it came out later - wasn’t needed. Why is that, you may ask. White and golden colours together with a few photos and a clearly written text were enough to communicate everything that is important to that organisation.


We used a combination of two fonts, available for free on Google Fonts Platform: Rubik and Playfair Display. That black letters, together with golden frames and white background made that brand look elegant and noble.


The main photo (author: Justin Merriman) was taken in the Vatican, and it showed a huge crowd of believers taking a picture of the pope with their cell phones. It was the quintessence of what they want to do.

Everyone has a phone or smartphone, and most of them post something in social media, but the problem is that most of that posts are worthless. On the contrary, Benedeo wanted to promote life values important for Catholics but not only to them.

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